About us

At The Locker Room of Downey,
we know that being a sports fan isn’t just about showing up to a game, or catching one on TV.
Being a sports fan doesn’t mean that some team is playing tonight or tomorrow.
Being a sports fan means WE are playing tonight and WE need to represent OUR Team
because WE are going to be there whether in person or in spirit.
WE are a part of the Team. Our Team is a part of who WE are.

We gear up with the expectation that we will celebrate at the end of the game.
And if we happen to lose then we stand by our team and get ready for the next game,
the next season or simply, the next opportunity to REPRESENT OUR Team.

Just like players suit up in their locker rooms before their games, the true fans gear up at The Locker Room of Downey.

represent yourSELF
represent your PASSION
represent your TEAM

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The Locker Room of Downey
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